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Roots of the AGGRC

In 2014, we began with a mission to create an Aquatic Germplasm and Genetic Resources Center (AGGRC).This new Center would represent the confluence of work done in the LSUAC Aquaculture Research Station and the LSU Dairy Improvement Center which was part of the Dairy Sciences Program. The AGGRC was initiated to provide global leadership in repository development and commercialization of genetic resources of aquatic species. The facility has 23,000 ft2 of space dedicated to research, teaching, outreach, administrative, and commercial-scale service activities for aquatic species. The AGGRC is being developed as a multidisciplinary innovation and technology development center in which ideas can be rapidly moved from prototypes through alpha and beta testing to sample products ready for commercialization. The AGGRC has currently established a strong Core Innovation Team (CIT) with faculty from 8 LSU departments. The CIT faculty have more than 20 projects among them, involving 25 undergraduate, MS, and PhD students.